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" True that everything is held together with stories. That is all that is holding us together, stories and compassion! Some stories need to be acknowledged, honoured and celebrated and that’s why we are here for! "

- Dr. Sangeetha Jananchandran
Founder, Stories Social

What is Stories Social

Stories Social is the soul child born out of the sheer love for life and for words that carry its journey forward with unwavering dignity. It is a result of our reverence for awe-inspiring stories; of brands, movies and people. We believe in the invincible power of words to transform lives and the world we live in. And we will

help you in getting your story exponential.

Why Stories Social

We portray stories with justness & quality

With us you can either explore a world full of experiences and expertise or create your own path and new world

We believe in taking the less trodden path and building brands that have goodwill, relatability and acceptance

We believe in utilizing our expertise to facilitate change by supporting trend setting initiatives

Our Expertise

Corporate Communications 

OTT pitching 

ORM- Online Reputation Management 

Public Relations

Communications Consulting 

Business Consulting

Digital Strategy Campaigns

Creative Posters Designs

Search Engine Optimization


Subtitles Translation

Talent Management

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