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Stories Social is the soul child born out of the sheer love for life and for words that carry its journey forward with unwavering dignity. It is a result of our reverence for awe-inspiring stories; of brands, movies and people. ‘We are nothing but the stories we tell ourselves. And we will help you in getting your story exponential’.

Dr. Sangeetha Janachandran
Founder, Stories Social,

Stories Social may have a butterfly effect some or the other way but it's the saga of a human who made her dream into passion and passion into existence. Sangeetha has a widened arc of experience spanning over 16 years in the communication enterprise. Passionately curious about Social Media, She holds a PhD in Social Media and Communication from Bangalore University. Sangeetha is a persona who is metamorphosing the Molly wood movie marketing and Brands in particular.

Social media strategy | Digital communication | Public relations | Media management | Content development | Organizational communication

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